Unless a data management solution is architected from the ground up for the cloud era, journeying to the cloud is a complex task. For Microsoft, Azure’s part of a multi-trillion dollar global opportunity in enterprise software and services for digital transformation.

Rubrik is a perfect tool to help customers protect all their applications–on-prem, at the edge, and in the cloud–while leveraging cloud mobility and automation.

Just about every enterprise has ambitions to move to the cloud. But even with a strategy in place, organizations that rely on complex legacy solutions struggle to make that journey in a seamless, cost-efficient way. Rubrik was built to ease this journey through a single software solution that can manage and protect your data, regardless of where it lives.

Recently, they announced the Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure (RAMA) to simplify data management across on-premises and Azure environments. This special edition of their Cloud Data Management platform provides new users with free Azure and CloudOn instantiation capability. RAMA builds off of Office 365, Windows, Hyper-V, SQL Server, Azure, Azure Data Box, and Azure Stack.  

Why Microsoft and Rubrik?  As Gavriella Schuster said at Microsoft Inspire, “Rubrik can help customers, within 4 clicks, pull all their data and archives into Azure”. With a robust portfolio, customers can manage all of their Microsoft apps with Rubrik–data center to Azure.

To learn more about Rubrik and read the full announcement, please click here.