Archive to Azure

Move your onsite archives to an
Azure cloud and reduce costs.

Replace onsite tapes with the cloud as an archive destination.

Archiving is an important task for companies to safeguard their data, meet regulatory compliance, and have a means to recover lost information.

Archiving using tape backups has been used for decades as a reliable means to store long-term data.

A cloud-based solution offers a better solution with lower potential for errors, overall cost reduction and process efficiencies.

No cost rapid

We evaluate your existing archiving solution for suitable use with Azure as the new target destination.

Managed migration
and deployment.

We design and implement the administration workflow to use Azure as the target.

One solution for all
archived data.

We write and document the process to migrate all data currently on tape to Azure.

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Complimentary archiving assessment.

Understand the benefits of archiving in a public cloud over on-site tapes.