Forbes recently reported that Microsoft’s sweeping transformations of its sales and engineering organizations and its unique focus on intelligent cloud plus intelligent edge has spurred some of its largest enterprise customers to spend “an order of magnitude more with us year over year than they ever had before,” a top Microsoft executive recently told investors.

Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Microsoft’s worldwide commercial business, also told investors that the wave of transformative new technologies now hitting the mainstream—AI, IoT, digital business models and more—will boost the size of the IT market by $2 trillion (yes, $2 trillion with a “t”) over the next decade to about $4.5 trillion overall.

Microsoft’s opportunity to take the lion’s share of that spectacular expansion is driven by three key factors, Althoff said:

  • Microsoft’s core business model, which unlike Amazon’s precludes Microsoft from competing with its customers;
  • The “trust factor” that ranges across not only an increasingly open technology strategy but also business policies stating that the data created by business customers is the property of those business customers, and not of Microsoft; and
  • Microsoft’s end-to-end creation of hybrid technologies that allow customers to move seamlessly from the cloud to on-premises technology.

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