Microsoft’s own experience moving to the cloud, as well as working extensively with government agencies, offers several useful lessons to CIOs and IT leaders for developing a successful roadmap to a multi-cloud and hybrid IT world.

The need for federal agencies to get their hybrid cloud roadmaps in place has reached a tipping point over the past year, especially as pressures mount to modernize the government’s vast portfolio of aging legacy IT systems and make smarter use of available IT funding.

That’s why rationalizing and rightsizing your applications deserves careful attention. This is also why aligning with the right partners who can support your applications, whether in the cloud or on-premises, can be the difference between successful IT modernization versus just lifting-and-shifting to the cloud.

Susie Adams Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Federal wrote a great article focused on five lessons for building your roadmap to a secure hybrid cloud future.

Her lists goes into details on:

  • Rationalizing apps
  • Building a solid foundation
  • Taking advantage of built-in services
  • Establishing an identity layer
  • Adopting an assume-breach strategy

To dive into her complete article, please click here.