Put Azure to Work

We know how to make Azure
work for you.

20 years of experience makes us a trusted partner you can count on.

We have developed a core methodology to ensure we accurately capture your needs and translate them into the best solution possible. This process gives you the peace of mind that your cloud investment will be aligned with the return you seek. We can be counted on to bring our industry experience and real-world best practices to operate Azure environments.

Our methodology involves 4 steps:

Assess     >     Migrate     >     Re-Platform     >     Operate

Moving into the cloud is not a one time event. With every customer engagement, we deliver a structured approach as follows:


Rely on our team to map your existing environment to a corresponding Azure cloud.

Prioritize your business needs.

We partner to understand what your needs are and map them to the best combination of services and products to address them.

Understand options and tradeoffs.

Together we explore various options and our experts will explain clearly when compromises are required and their possible ramifications.

Build a comprehensive plan.

We work closely with your team to plan against your immediate requirements with careful considerations for future needs.


Easily move from your existing environment to a public or private Azure cloud.

Overcome cloud lock-in.

We help your team quickly and easily migrate existing deployments away from other environments, including AWS, to an open platform.

Minimize re-development.

Together we can move existing applications and data without recoding or impacting your existing environment.

Migrate to a private or public cloud.

We work with you to pick the best destination for your applications and data.


Understand how to transform your applications to better take advantage of Azure capabilities.

Break 3 tier architectures.

We help you take advantage of modern practices to reduce complexity, increase scalability and maximize return on investments.

Evaluate licensing needs.

Together we determine the best combination of products and licensing to meet your needs and ensure you only pay for what you truly need.

Engineer an end-to-end solution.

We employ workarounds when needed to reduce the impact to your applications and always consider all aspects of the solution from networking and firewalls to InfoSec and compliance.


Our team performs all the ongoing maintenance and tuning to keep your environment running at its best.

Monitor performance and utilization.

We help you understand what is happening with your environment using customized reporting and business intelligence (BI) dashboards.

Optimize and keep systems in sync.

Clouds require ongoing tuning to keep them running at their best and our team vigilantly tracks all conditions which could impact performance and availability.

Proactive workflows and corrective actions.

We proactively keep an eye on the entire solution and offer remediation workflows with complete audit trails.

Ready to Start?

Understand the costs to successfully move and stay running in Azure.

Our managed services tackle the ongoing challenges of running in Azure.

In addition to our methodology, we structure each deployment to get you up and running as fast as possible.
We break down each project into three simple phases:

Architected to meet your needs.

We build solutions to address your individual business objectives with an eye to sustained technology innovation.


We manage the entire lifecycle from start to finish to ensure no surprises and allow you to focus on your business.

Operated reliably

We only engineer and deploy envrionments which can be monitored and maintained for you by our team of experts 24x7x365.

Azure Environments Managed by Atmosera

We help you determine how to run your applications in the deployment best suited for their unique requirements.




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Understand the costs to successfully move and stay running in Azure.