Reliable Infrastructure

Focus more on business
and less on hardware maintenance.

Deliver the Security and Performance your Workloads
Demand at a Fraction of the Cost of Running them On-Premise

Support your mission-critical applications and workloads with instant and scalable infrastructure. This lets you focus on your business needs instead of spending the time and money it takes to plan, procure, secure and manage the right infrastructure to meet your growing application demands.

Secure Infrastructure

Minimize risks and costly management complexity with a full set of security and management services.

Data Protection

Safeguard your data from ransomware or human errors with real-time monitoring and reporting.

Business Continuity

Keep your applications up and running with redundancies based on your business needs.

Ensure Mission-Critical Applications are Built for Resiliency

High Availability You Can Count On.
Run your most demanding mission-critical applications on a cost-effective infrastructure with up to 99.99 percent SLA.
  • Keep apps up and running on a fast resilient environment
  • Build with confidence with high availability and disaster recovery
  • Easy disaster recovery and backup

Build Enterprise Applications with Confidence with High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Backup

Ensure your mission-critical applications and data are built for resiliency by developing and deploying applications on Azure to take advantage of high availability, disaster recovery, and backup on Azure’s global network.

Azure Site Recovery, combined with geo-redundant storage, is natively available for disaster recovery. Protect against bad code, data corruption, and accidental deletion with cost-effective backup. Stay compliant with long retention times, maintain reliability through geo-replicated storage, and simplify your processes with automation.

Ready to start planning a
Reliable Infrastructure roadmap?