Network Performance

Solve your network challenges
with high availability performance.

Deliver the Best Experience for Users
with Reliable Performance and Connectivity

Support your hybrid or all-in cloud strategy using networking services built on one of the largest fiber network backbones available. Get the most from your Azure or open-source solutions and workloads with highly reliable performance and secure connectivity to provide customers and users with the best experience.

Dropped Connections

Automatically scale with increasing traffic to provide more reliability and better customer experience.

Screen Freezing

Load balancer improves application response automatically by rotating out unhealthy instances.

Email Syncing

Run your email on a dependable infrastructure you control with sophisticated network topologies.

Provide your customers and users the best possible experience

Ensure Fast Responses and High Availability.
Get the most from your solutions and workloads with highly reliable performance and secure connectivity.
  • Connect everything from virtual machines to VPN connections
  • Balance inbound and outbound connections and requests
  • Accelerate the delivery of high-bandwidth content to customers

Route Incoming Traffic for Better Performance and Availability for On-Premise and Cloud Systems

With Microsoft Azure, you can improve the availability of important applications by monitoring your Azure services, or external websites and services, automatically directing users to the next best location when there’s a failure.

This makes your applications more responsive and improves content delivery times by directing your customers to Azure end points or an external location with the lowest network latency.

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