Smooth Budgeting Spikes

Ease purchasing and
budgeting with predictability.

Predictable Costs Means Better
Investment and Planning for the Future

When you make the move to the cloud, you buy only for your current demand and can easily scale up or down as needed. Rather than guessing what you will need years down the road, you have the power of pre-buy capacity.

Eliminate Overhead

Save money by avoiding hardware purchases and associated hardware maintenance costs.

Prevent Over-Purchasing

Have the most modern technology without the pain and expense of buying new hardware.

Predictable Budgets

Buy only for your current demand and easily scale up or down as your enterprise needs.

Eliminates capital expenditures for servers and hardware upgrades

Eliminate Overhead and Lower Costs.

Cloud resources save money and resources across all areas of your operating budget

  • Use access and application controls to block malicious activity
  • Leverage advanced analytics and intelligence to detect attacks
  • Simplify investigation for rapid threat response

Cloud Services Help Reduce Budget Spikes Buried in the Details of Managing Onsite Servers

When you take advantage of the cloud, you can avoid budget spikes related to the purchase and continual upgrade of servers and other networking equipment.

You also save on the non-hardware costs of doing server replacements, such as the need to rack new and de-rack old servers, configure the network, install software, and migrate applications and accounts.

Ready to implement a
predictable budget?